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What makes a good solar powered security camera?

There are several factors that can contribute to the quality of a 4G solar camera:

  1. Image quality: A 4G solar camera should have a high-resolution camera with good low-light performance to provide clear, detailed images.

  2. 4G connectivity: The 4G connectivity of the camera should be reliable and fast enough to support streaming video and other data-intensive tasks.

  3. Battery life: A 4G solar camera should have a long-lasting battery that can hold a charge for an extended period of time especially over winter when the nights are longer.

  4. Durability: The camera should be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, such as extreme high summer temperatures, rain, and wind.

  5. Ease of use: The camera should be easy to install and use, with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions.

  6. Customer support: It can be helpful to choose a 4G solar camera from a manufacturer such as Dahua with good customer support, in case you have any questions or issues with the camera.

How long have you been manufacturing solar security cameras?

In 2015 we started manufacturing Solar Street Lights and thought we can use our knowledge to build solar powered security cameras!

Solar security cameras are surveillance cameras that are powered by solar panels.

They are designed to be used in outdoor locations where access to electricity may be limited or unavailable.

In Australia, solar security cameras can be used to monitor and protect homes, businesses, and other properties.

They are often used in remote locations or in areas where it is not practical to run electrical cables.

Solar security cameras are typically equipped with motion detectors and can be connected to a monitoring system or linked to a smartphone or other device to allow for remote viewing.

Some solar security cameras also have features such as night vision and weather resistance to allow for use in a variety of conditions

Ideal for construction sites

Get 24/7 visibility to take control of your site! Receive Notifications direct to your phone the moment an intruder enters your construction site.

A building site security camera is a surveillance camera that is used to monitor and protect construction sites.

It is typically used to document construction activity, as well as to provide security for the site.

Building site security cameras can be used to deter theft and vandalism, and to monitor the safety of workers and equipment on the site.

They can be connected to a monitoring system or linked to a smartphone or other device to allow for remote viewing.

Building site security cameras are often equipped with features such as motion detection, night vision, and weather resistance to allow for use in a variety of conditions.

They may be powered by electricity or by a solar panel, depending on the location of the construction site and the availability of power.

Example of a construction site setup with a 4G solar security camera


The cameras should have visibility of the front door and first floor windows. This is where most burglars break and enter a property

The ideal height of security cameras is between 3 to 6 meters

All the panels and batteries are supplied by Solar Street Lights Australia.

Video of an intruder damaging a construction site

  • An intruder, breaking and entering a construction site.
  • Police were able to find and arrest the intruder by fingerprinting the discarded item used to damage the property
  • A 10w solar street light would help with better quality video and even deter the intruder from entering in the first place. 

Research and development

A lot of research and development in constructing the solar cameras. There are different models with different configurations to fit different customer needs.

Solar powered surveillance camera features

  • A weatherproof case with ventilation for heat to escape.
  • A TP-Link 3G/4G router.
  • A quality brushless fan that automatically turns on when the internal temperature exceeds 25°.
  • Dahua starlight camera for great night vision.
  • A programmable timer to hard reset the 3G/4G TP-Link router & Dahua camera.
  • 256GB SD card to allow around 22 days of recording time.
  • Motion detection recording to only record when something is happening.
  • Will work with any Australian 3G and 4G sim card.
  • Will work on postpaid and prepaid accounts.
  • Can be configured to work on a private network or VPN.


Our solar powered surveillance security camera comes with an 80W solar panel and a 12.8V / 30Ah lithium battery.  For maximum performance, the solar panel can be tilted 52° with the camera mounted on the pole.

Alternatively,  the camera can be mounted on the solar panel for an all in one setup which enables quick installation and removal of the security camera for short-term situations.

Record for over 22 days!

Yes with a 256GB SD card we can record for over 22 days at 1080P. If you enable motion detection and record 1 hour every day you will be able to have around 18 months of video footage.

Have a look at our example day and night videos from our Dahua Starlight Cameras.

Day Video

Night Video


  • Encode Type: H.265
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • FPS: 15
  • Stream Control: VBR
  • Quality: Good
  • Bit Stream: 1024 Kbps
  • Iframes: 15
  • Audio Type: G.711A
  • Sampling Frequency: 16k